Foundation Mixing With Manic Panic Dreamtone


I’ve been wanting a white foundation for quite some time, but I didn’t want to shell out a huge amount of money for something I knew I wouldn’t be using that often. Enter Manic Panic Dreamtone Foundation in the shade Virgin (pure white). At $11, you can’t go wrong! It’s vegan and made in the USA. I had several sample packets of Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation. Each packet contains four shades. Two I can wear no problem; of the other two, one is too dark and the other is too light. Thanks to Manic Panic I was able to put these to use!


First, I emptied the lightest and darkest shades into a small pot, and mixed them together with a bobby pin.


Here’s the result. Definitely too dark!


Next, I added some Manic Panic to foundation and mixed it again, gradually adding more white until I reached a good color match.


Much better! This photo is a little washed out, but I blended it into my hand and it was definitely a much better color match.


Here’s a swatch of the Manic Panic foundation on its own. I think this would be a great investment for someone who has trouble finding foundations when they use the lightest shade. I’m happy to have this on hand for using with samples, or for when I might accidentally purchase a bad shade match.

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