Fitness Friday: Mental Madness and a Race Decision!


I have spent the last two weeks driving myself MAD. Thanks to some encouragement from my BFF, I have been trying to just calm down and sort out my mind regarding running. I’m way too hard on myself…pretty much the story of my life. After much debate, I realized that I am going out of town on October 5th and actually cannot go to that 5K. I’m pretty sad about this because it is for animal rescue efforts (perfect for me).


I signed up for a 5k on September 28th. That’s only two weeks away and I am a little bit terrified. I haven’t even attempted running three miles yet, but after talking to my BFF (who just ran her first 5k and did really well), I feel a little better about it. After all, I know I can finish, right?

Oh, and here’s the best part: the theme is CUPCAKES!  You get a cupcake at the end of the race, and here’s my favorite part: you get a cupcake medal for finishing! I have to admit that it was totally the cupcake medal that made me want to sign up. Who wouldn’t want a cupcake medal, right?

I keep worrying about how fast I’ll run, or if I will be dead last in my age group. I have been reading message boards about people whose first 5k took nearly an hour, and they were thrilled to have finished. I need to be like those people! Right now I’m running  2 miles in 26-27 minutes, which isn’t terrible. I’m hoping the adrenaline will carry me through on race day and that I can improve my time. I imagine it will also be different since I will not be running with a dog like I usually do. 😉

Now, my goal is to not injure myself between now and then, and keep working on longer runs in addition to walking!

Any advice for me before the big day?

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