Laura Mercier Spellbound Face Illuminator


Boy, did I get suckered into this product thanks to how pretty it is…I mean, look at that beautiful, silky pillow of prettiness! Laura Mercier’s Spellbound Facial Illuminator is a rose gold, limited edition highlighter, though for fairer skin tones it could probably pass as a blush as well. Unfortunately, this product IS expensive: it’s a whopping $42, but on the bright side it will last a long time since you don’t need much when it comes to highlighters!


Effortlessly highlight cheeks, eyes, and décolleté with pure light-reflecting pigments in rose gold shimmer. This hybrid formula provides a natural radiance to any complexion for an instant healthy glow and a color-true, multidimensional luminous finish. Lightweight, smooth, soft, and creamy, its texture is comfortable to wear and lasts up to eight hours.


Spellbound is housed in typical Laura Mercier packaging; the brownish curved square lid that adorns the LM name. I think the packaging for this is quite bulky. There is a lot more packaging than product, but on the bright side it does have a big mirror.


The texture of this product is beautiful, and it is ultimately what suckered me in. I would have stayed away had I not swatched this beauty in Sephora one day. After that, I couldn’t stop thinking about it! It is one of the most lightweight products I’ve ever put on my skin. It has a very “airy” quality to it. You only need a little bit to get some color.


Spellbound, MAC Superb, MAC Honey Rose, Icing bronzing beads


Same order, different lighting.

The color is more along the orange side of rose gold rather than pink, at least on my skin. MAC Superb is more pink and brown-toned than Spellbound. The Icing bronzing beads are similar in color, though not as pigmented.

The quality of this product is excellent. It doesn’t require any muss or fuss to get it to work right. I wouldn’t run out and buy it, but I do recommend checking it out in person to see how it looks on your skin first. It is high quality and gorgeous, but I don’t think it is super unique in color.

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