JewelMint Starry Deep Ring


JewelMint has some beautiful celestial inspired pieces right now, including the Starry Deep ring. I think this is so pretty and love the reflective qualities it has! It is also very unique compared to the rest of my rings; I find it quite eye-catching!


Born from holographic trends, this nebula-inspired cocktail ring shines in an array of iridescent shades with ultra modern flair.


I tried to take photos of this in several types of light and angles to show how the light catches the stone. The face of the ring is quite wide due to the two stones on the side. I love the tiny rhinestone accents. The gold on the band is gold; a little too gold. I think this would have been prettier in white gold, because the yellow gold looks a little cheap in this case.



The stones look amazing when the light hits, which is my favorite part of this ring. This does run large. I purchased this in a size 7, and it is a little loose on my index finger.

Right now, for existing members, JewelMint has a coupon code you can use for $10 off one item: JMBOOM10.

JewelMint is a monthly subscription service. You can cancel any time and there are always coupon codes and discounts on different pieces, especially during holidays. I’m really happy with my JewelMint items and wear them all the time!

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