Makeup Geek Liquid Gold Pigment Review!


Hello! Today I have a RAVE review of an amazing pigment from Makeup Geek! I just got my first order from the Makeup Geek store and am really happy with it! I can tell I will be obsessed with these amazing pigments… Liquid Gold is the perfect name for this one, as it is a very rich color.


Like every other pigment on earth, this is really messy! Unfortunately, there’s no sifter or stopper under the cap, which is a word of warning if you get these! I did not know that and I’m glad that I didn’t spill the contents everywhere upon opening.


MUG4Weirdest swatch ever…


I applied Liquid Gold with a MAC 239 brush. The pigment spreads easily and doesn’t get caught; it’s actually quite silky and very high quality! The price is also good: just $7 for one pigment, meaning you can get three of these for the price of one MAC pigment.


Here’s an eye look I did using Liquid Gold all over the lids. I love this color!


I have not tried this without a primer, but with a primer, Liquid Gold stayed on my lids all day, no budging or transferring.  Another thing that doesn’t really have to do with the product, but it something I like, is that Makeup Geek ships out of Michigan. It makes me happy to be supporting a local business! 🙂

Have you tried anything from Makeup Geek yet? What are your favorite products?

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2 Responses to Makeup Geek Liquid Gold Pigment Review!

  1. that is so pretty! i’ve always wanted to try makeup geek stuff and had no clue it was located in michigan! that might be the thing to push me over the edge to finally order something

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