MAC Prolongwear Paint Pot in Camel Coat


MAC recently released a whole new batch of paint pots and started calling them “Prolongwear Paint Pots”. I am a huge fan of paint pots and was really excited about the new colors! My favorite paint pot of all time is definitely Groundwork (neutral mid-tone taupe). Camel Coat is described as “muted beige”.

camelcoatPainterly, Camel Coat, Quite Natural, Groundwork, Constructivist

I really like Camel Coat and have been using it a lot since I bought it. It dries darker than in the jar, and leans on the cool side in color. It definitely leans more gray than beige in my opinion. Performance wise, it is the same formulation as the previous paint points before their re-release as Prolongwear items. Still creamy and easy to apply, these help my shadows stay in place all day, and they do not crease on me.


One thing I did notice about Camel Coat is that it was already separated a little from the jar on one side. It doesn’t feel dry or anything, but that surprised me when I opened it up to see that, especially since my other paint pots are not like that. I always associate that little space with a product shrinking, but it could be from how it was poured. Not a big deal, but just something I noticed.

Paint pots are one of my most used beauty items and a must have in my makeup arsenal! 🙂 Have you tried any of the new ones yet? I bought two (this and Clearwater), but really want to get Perky eventually!

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1 Response to MAC Prolongwear Paint Pot in Camel Coat

  1. Perky is lovely!! I’m also a big fan of Stormy Pink.

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