Khroma Beauty Endless Summer Bronzer


I don’t watch the Kardashians too often, but so far I have really enjoyed everything I’ve tried from their cosmetics line. Those gals make great neutrals, and this bronzer is one of them! The Endless Summer bronzer has a bit of a pink tone to it, making it surprisingly purposeful.


Beat the heat and humidity with this innovative, formula by Kardashian Beauty by Kourtney, Kim and Khloe that is long wearing even in the worst weather conditions. Go from winter white to summer bright with a flick of your brush for a natural satin finish and a clear, pure transparent color. Endless Summer makes you look like you enjoy summer weather 365 days a year.


This bronzer comes with three shades. All of them are quite light, so this wouldn’t make a good bronzer for those with deeper skin tones, but it could be used as a highlighter, which is how I use the lightest shade. I actually wear this as a blush too, particularly the middle shade. When I’m in a hurry, this is all I need to give my face some natural, subtle color. This is a great bronzer for those who have lighter skin tones.

khroma3Left side, middle shade, right side, swirled together

All shades are very satiny and provide a nice sheen; it doesn’t make pores look bigger, and the product blends nicely. I have no idea why this is marketed as being matte, because it isn’t. The bronzer itself is HUGE and comes with a lot of product: .52 ounces for $15.

Now, I like this product, but I mainly like it to be used as a blush. I LOVE brown-toned, natural blushes. A peek into my MAC palette would certainly reveal that. 😉

The staying power isn’t the greatest; you may need a touch up in the middle of the day, but for the price I am okay with that thanks to how versatile this is overall.

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2 Responses to Khroma Beauty Endless Summer Bronzer

  1. I can’t buy Kardashian products. I just can’t!

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