Benefit Rockateur Blush Review + Swatch Comparisons


Benefit has added a much talked about new blush to their boxed blush line-up: Rockateur. A lot of people are ranting and raving about the fact that there is less product in here compared to the other boxed blushes. For example, Rockateur has 5 grams of blush compared to 8 grams in Hervana and the other boxed blushes. The reason for this is that Rockateur has a different formula and is supposed to makeup for it by needing less product. Like the other blushes in Benefit’s line-up, this is $28.


The shade is described as “rockin’ rose gold cheek powder”. There is a bit of fine gold shimmer, but nowhere near “disco ball” style; this is a very fine sheen. The color is just beautiful and I don’t have anything quite like it.


The texture of Rockateur is divine. It is SO soft! I absolutely love how velvety it is. The brush included with Rockateur actually works, which is nice. I hardly ever get use out of brushes that come with blush! Two sweeps and I have just the right amount of color for the day. This is a very “no brainer” blush when it comes to application.


One tiny gripe that I have, and this is with the Benefit boxed blushes in general, is the packaging. This is just one dollar short of a NARS blush, and for that, I think the packaging should be better (i.e. more sturdy). The designs are cute and everything, but I would prefer something more stable and grown-up.


I thought I would find something similar or comparable to Rockateur, but I don’t have anything quite like it. Swatches left to right are: Rockateur, NARS Orgasm, Sleek Rosegold, Wet ‘n’ Wild Pearlescent Pink, MAC Lust MSF. Rockateur is deeper and more rosy, while the rest are quite pink and also more shimmery.


The staying power of Rockateur is great! It lasts a full day on me no problem, and when it fades it isn’t patchy. I purchased my blush from Ulta and am really happy with it.

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5 Responses to Benefit Rockateur Blush Review + Swatch Comparisons

  1. Jenn says:

    Is disco ball style achievable though? Because I love disco balls.

  2. I love Hervana but this looks like a good option.

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