Subtle Metallic Sunset Lip Tutorial


Every once in awhile, I find myself with a beauty product that I have no idea how to use; rather, no clue what to pair it with. This was the case with NYX Pumpkin lip pencil. I wanted an orange lip pencil, but I didn’t realize this was a metallic shade at the time of purchase (I ordered mine online). Wanting to get some use out of it, I decided to mix it with a couple other lip products for a color-shifting, sunset inspired glow where the metallic sheen is visible, yet subtle.


PRODUCTS USED: Maybelline Violet Intrigue lipstick, NYX Pumpkin lip pencil, and Origins liquid lip color in Pink Sands


First, I applied Pumpkin all around my lips and into the middle, leaving a little bit of bare space behind.


Next, I dabbed Maybelline’s Violet Intrigue onto the bare parts of my lips and blended using my fingertips. You can also use a lip brush. I added a little more of the Pumpkin lip pencil to the mix and blended more, for a more pigmented look. The result was a slightly orange pink with a little bit of sheen.

Lastly, I topped it with Origins liquid lip color in Pink Sands. This is a neutral lip gloss with shimmer in it.


The final result was what I wanted: a very subtle, shape-shifting lip look.



That’s it! This was a fun look to create because not only did I find a new color that I really like, I was able to put something to use that I haven’t used much since I got it. Plus, the Origins lip gloss was a free gift with purchase, another product I hadn’t used yet! The Pumpkin lip liner is really soft and creamy; one of the easier lip pencils I’ve applied. The Origins gloss has a minty scent, but the shimmer in it is a little gritty.

When you have something that may not seem useable, try mixing it with something else. Add a little product at a time to avoid heaviness. You just never know what you’ll come up with!

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4 Responses to Subtle Metallic Sunset Lip Tutorial

  1. Amy says:

    Love it! It really does look like a sunset!

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