Jouer Cream Eyeshadow in Organza


In an effort to branch out to some other brands, I recently purchased a couple of eyeshadows from Jouer, including this amazingly beautiful cream shadow called Organza. This is totally my kind of color- a lavender, shimmery taupe with a dash of pink.

This shadow is housed in a small, brown square and has a large mirror. Happily, it does not waste packaging and even has a neat little sliding connector on the side that allows you to attach it to another product of the same size. Pretty ingenious!



Joined together

The color itself is very pigmented and it doesn’t take much to grab some color. I’ve never tried Jouer’s shadow before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve seen some rave reviews of Jouer’s foundations and blush, so I expected that Organza would be marvelous.


The color does not disappoint. I can’t even explain how gorgeous this is on the lids! It is just too pretty. I do have trouble with this creasing, big time. A good primer is a must. So far I haven’t found anything yet where this doesn’t crease, unfortunately. I’ve tried the NYX HD primer, Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin, and Too Faced Shadow insurance. I am planning on trying this with Milani’s eye primer as well.

Still, even when the color fades, what is left behind is mesmerizing. This color is the perfect shade to enhance my eye color; it really brings out the green and gold flecks.


Swatch in full sun

The consistency of the shadow is very creamy and not stiff or dry. It blends easily as well.

As a whole, my experience with Jouer has been that it is overpriced for the quality, which is frustrating because I LOVE the color of this eyeshadow! I will still use it, and hopefully master a way to get it to stay ON my lids longer (NARS primer, perhaps?).

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3 Responses to Jouer Cream Eyeshadow in Organza

  1. I have used their lipgloss and though I love it, it doesn’t last at all.

  2. berrymix says:

    This is such a pretty color!

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