Fitness Friday: October Goals!


I meant to write up this post LAST week, but I just ran out of time. My cousin is getting married tomorrow, so I’ve been visiting family for the last week and a half. Squeezing in running has been a challenge so far. I’ve been so busy trying to cram everything in, and I’m also running on much tougher terrain, so my runs have been slower and shorter. I have been consistent though, so I’m happy with that.

My goals for October are to sign up for another race, and to run 40 miles. So far, it’s almost halfway through the month and I’ve only run 11 miles! Once I get back home, I will definitely be upping the mileage.

I did sign up for another race that is actually on Thanksgiving Day. My husband, sister-in-law and her husband, my brother-in-law, and my father-in-law are all running in it too. It was actually my sister-in-law’s idea, so that will be fun. I might sign up for a race on the 26th of October, but I haven’t decided yet. I’m also signing up for a 2.5 mile ugly sweater fun run five days before that. I have my sweater…it is amazing. Actually, if you follow me on Instagram (melissajoychi), you can see it!

Now that I finished my first 5k it is time to really step it up! I want to get faster and run longer distances. I know my body is ready for it because the 1.5 to 2 miles I have been running doesn’t leave me feeling very tired on most days.

I can’t believe how far I have come since August 1st!

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