MAC Flair for Finery Lipstick


MAC’s holiday collection is up and I picked up one thing: Flair for Finery lipstick. Described as a “cool pink nude”, I bought this based on the description having not seen any swatches. This comes in special edition packaging, so instead of $15, it is $16.50. In this case, the packaging is very chic- matte black with gold detailing.


Flair for Finery is right up my alley. It is just gorgeous! I mean, LOOK at that creamy pink nude! I seriously have issues…just say “pink nude lipstick” and I’m off and running. 😉 Anyway, I am definitely not regretting this purchase! The lipstick is a lustre finish, so it is glossy and doesn’t last as long as other formulas; however, the lustre finish is lightweight and good for people with dry lips (like me).


This lipstick swatches on the sheer side, but is more opaque on the lips. I thought it would be similar to some other nudes that I have from MAC, but it is more pink.


All MAC shades: Flair for Finery, Altered Beige, Creme d’ Nude, Well-Loved, and Blankety

I think this would be a great color to add to the regular line (a girl can dream). Also, though the color is described as cool-toned, I think many people could wear this as a neutral nude. If you remember last year’s Beauty lipstick from the holiday collection, that is way more cool-toned and even difficult to wear.

Flair for Finery is very wearable. If you love pink nudes, this is a great shade! It is currently sold out online, but check counters and online restocks if you like this shade.

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6 Responses to MAC Flair for Finery Lipstick

  1. I like this color- I find nude-pinks to be hard to wear but this looks like a good one.

  2. Jenn says:

    Probably not going to buy anything, but I just got to say how much more I love black and gold packaging instead of black and silver. Gold is so glamorous. The silver is nice, but it makes the lipstick bullet look more modern.

  3. Tina says:

    I love the swatches! I noted all those for my next purchase! I’m on the look out for nudes 🙂

  4. surq says:

    Reblogueó esto en GOLPESUAVESy comentado:
    Me he enamorado de este labial. Lo necesito!

  5. satine89 says:

    Such an elegant shade! The packaging is sooo nice!!! 😀

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