Fitness Friday: Upcoming Races!


Today was a bit of a milestone in my running: since August 1st, I have gone running 50 times for a total of 78.14 miles. Today, I ran 3 miles. I never thought I would be here and am really proud of myself for sticking with it. I’m also really excited for some upcoming races! Here’s my schedule as of right now for the rest of the year, meaning I am signed up for these:

October 26- Fall FitFest 5K
November 9- Veterans Honor Run 5k
November 23- Ugly Sweater Fun Run (2.5 miles)
November 28- Traverse City Turkey Trot 5k
December 7- YMCA Santa Run 5k fun run

Pending- Jingle Bell run on December 22 (hubby wants to do this).

All of these should be pretty fun! I am really excited for the SANTA RUN! You get to wear a Santa suit. There was just no way I could pass that up. I’m also excited for the Veterans Honor Run since my brother is in the Navy. I even ordered a t-shirt to represent my pride!


Also, someone should take my temperature- I’m skipping some amazing holiday beauty collections to instead pay for these races. 😉

Now that I’m over the 3 mile hurdle, I am going to set my sights higher. I want to be able to run 10k by my birthday, which is 6 months from now. Hopefully I can achieve that goal!


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2 Responses to Fitness Friday: Upcoming Races!

  1. Jenn says:

    Good for you, this is a great achievement. I look at people who run as both admirably determined and slightly loony. Perhaps because I find running enjoyable under absolutely no circumstance. I will do some light jogging to get my cardio, but other than that, I am not quite so dedicated.

    I haven’t been reading since you first started this, did you take up running as just a healthy hobby or part of a weight loss program? If you do not mind my asking. 🙂

    • MelissaC says:

      I started running on August 1st just as a healthy hobby. I haven’t lost any weight from it, but I have definitely toned up a bit. Heart disease runs in my family on both sides and I figured running was a good way to keep my heart healthy! 🙂 Never in a million years did I think I would get hooked on it!

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