Super Easy Glitter Berry Lips for Halloween Tutorial


Hello! I have a very easy, fun, and affordable lip tutorial today in the spirit of Halloween. It isn’t dramatic, but could be paired with all sorts of costume ideas.


Wet ‘n’ Wild Fergie Ferguson Crest Cabernet lipstick
Wet ‘n’ Wild Fantasy Makers holographic silver glitter
Wet ‘n’ Wild Lip Liner in Fab Fuchsia MAC Matte Mixing Medium* – You can also just use plain Carmex in the squeeze tube or another clear primer or glitter glue.


Start by filling in the lips with the Fab Fuchsia pencil.


Next, apply the Fergie lipstick all over lips.

To add glitter, pat a small amount of the mixing medium into the center of the upper and lower lip. Don’t press too hard, because you don’t want to remove product.

Clean hands, and open up the glitter. Sprinkle a little bit at a time onto your index finger, and pat gently over the mixing medium until you have reached the desired coverage.


The end result!


The holographic qualities of this glitter are awesome, and a little goes a long way! One tip is to be careful with the bottle, because it does not come with a sifter.

What kind of costume would you pair this with? For me, I think something inspired by Emerald City or maybe some kind of fairy!

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