CC Skye for JewelMint Collective Haul


JewelMint recently collaborated with LA jewelry designer CC Skye with an amazing collection of jewelry that is a fantastic mix of traditional combined with a bit of edge. If you can’t afford CC Skye’s pieces, JewelMint is the way to go! Over the last few weeks, I picked up three items in the collection thanks to various coupon codes, and I am really happy with all three items.


First up are the Sid and Nancy earrings. These are simple gold hoops with five spikes on the bottom. I LOVE these. I usually wear gigantic earrings and these are actually quite small for me- they’re just under two inches long and about an inch wide, but are still striking.


I’m sure it’s no surprise that I went for the Mini Screw Stack Rings set. I ordered a 7, but these actually run a little small. Two of the rings have a more satiny finish, while the last one is matte.


The screw details.


The Chunky Link bracelet is my favorite of the bunch, which is surprising since I don’t wear bracelets often. This is a very sturdy, heavy bracelet with a toggle clasp. I find that it runs on the small size. I have plenty of room for this bracelet to move, but if you have larger wrists, you may have trouble with it.


The links on this bracelet are very thick. I love how simple and bold this is at the same time.

All three of these pieces have substantial weight to them. I think this is a step up in the quality department from JewelMint. I love how these pop when paired with all black! There are eleven pieces in the CC Skye collaboration. The only items I am not too keen on are the safety pins necklace and earrings. Once my JewelMint points clear for my free credit, I am definitely going to pick up the gold Minor Threat cuff!

To check out the CC Skye and JewelMint collaboration, click here (not an affiliate link).

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