October 2013 Ipsy Bag Contents!


The theme for Ipsy this month is “The Art of Beauty”. The little bag everything came in looks so cute! I will definitely get use out of it. I actually have used all of the Ipsy bags I have received so far. Here’s what I got in my bag!

LA Fresh Oil Free Face Cleanser Wipes– I really hope these are better than the last LA Fresh wipes I tried. The other ones Ipsy sent burned my skin, and I don’t have sensitive skin.

Coastal Scents Medium Shadow Brush– Always a fan of trying a new makeup brush, so I’m happy with this!

Zoya Nail Polish in Neve– This is a gorgeous deep blue jewel tone shade. Just look up some swatches to see how beautiful it is! I’m so happy it isn’t purple, too. 😉

Big Sexy Hair Blow Out Volumizing Gel– Big hair! YES, PLEASE! I will have to do a review on this one. I can’t wait to test it out!

Wet ‘n’ Wild Fergie Eyeshadow palette in Desert Festival– Here’s the disappointment. I had this palette and threw it out because it’s so terrible. Dry, no pigmentation…that is a total bummer because the colors are pretty. I’m not sure what I will do with this. Maybe I’ll crack it open to see if I got a dud!

Overall, I’m happy with this bag. I am especially excited about the makeup brush! Have you tried any of these products?

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5 Responses to October 2013 Ipsy Bag Contents!

  1. Mine was a bit different. I got a lip gloss from a brand I never heard of, hair clay (they send me hair things I will never use and I have updated my preferences),and body lotion.

  2. Jenn says:

    What do you do with all the little bags they send you? If I subscribed to these monthly packages I would do it partly for the little bags. I keep my make-up in a couple of large train cases and it gets to be a pain to have to dig through them.

    • MelissaC says:

      I use them for all sorts of different things! I use them a lot when I travel to sort things out in my bag (hair stuff, brushes, etc). If I want to just toss a bag of stuff in my purse, they come in handy for that. I get more use out of them than I thought I would!

  3. berrymix says:

    I still don’t have my bag yet! But I’m excited to try the nail polish, brush and pigment eyeshadow that I got in my bag (according to the site).

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