Huge Fail: ELF HD Mattifying Cream Foundation


Oh where to begin…The ELF HD Mattifying Cream Foundation ($6) is a new product to the ELF Studio line. I don’t usually purchase ELF foundations, but curiosity got the best of me (that and a good sale) so I decided to see how this would go.


This high-definition, oil-free, lightweight foundation is perfect for normal to oily skin types. The cream-to-powder formula minimizes fine lines and leaves a natural, long-lasting, matte finish. Includes a compact sponge for easy application and portable beauty.


This foundation comes in a plastic compact that has a mirror on the top and a flat disc sponge underneath. I like the no-frills packaging. It’s efficient and not wasteful. The mirror size is excellent too, and the compact is very lightweight.

Unfortunately, that’s where the likes end for me. My first impression of this within the first few minutes was actually pretty good. It applies smoothly and gives a nice finish to the skin. The coverage on this product is good when first applied, but that only lasts for a few minutes…then the nightmare begins!

I purchased the second shade in the line, called “Sand”. This was a good match for me so no complaints there. The texture is is soft and silky. In fact, it’s so silky that it just slides off of my skin within an hour of application. It was like it evaporated!


Coverage is good, but it doesn’t dry!

When it was on my skin, it never fully dried and wasn’t very matte. You definitely need to set this with a powder. Not only that, this foundation made me feel SO GREASY! I literally felt like I was sweating while I had this on, but I think that is because it doesn’t really dry. I’m not oily

This foundation was just a hot mess for me. It’s slippery, greasy, and has zero staying power. This won’t be touching my skin EVER again!

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10 Responses to Huge Fail: ELF HD Mattifying Cream Foundation

  1. Bridgett says:

    Sometimes, the “you get what you pay for” applies, huh? 😉

  2. Luchessa says:

    O.o it doesn’t dry?? hm…can you bring it back to the store and get your money back??

  3. berrymix says:

    Eeep this wouldn’t be ideal for oily skinned gals like me.

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