Anastasia Beverly Hills Lavish Palette Swatches


It’s holiday time, and beauty brands are releasing their more-bang-for-your-buck palettes that everyone loves. The Anastasia Lavish palette is PERFECT for this. It has a great price ($38) and you are getting a some awesome items here!

The Lavish palette comes with the following items:

  • Small Medium Brown brow pencil
  • Covet waterproof eyeliner in Noir
  • Ten eyeshadows
  • Full-size tweezers
  • Duel eyeshadow brush
  • Makeup ideas book

The retail price of the tweezers alone is $28, so you are truly getting a good deal here for an extra ten bucks.


The palette is housed in a box with a plastic sleeve that keeps everything closed in addition to the magnetic clasp. It has a mirror inside, and a little well that houses everything. The tweezers, pencil, eyeliner, and brush are on the bottom, while the eyeshadow and booklet are on top of that. The eyeshadows are in an individual sleeve that just pulls out.


The eyeshadows (a little washed out looking here) are all soft and silky, and blend easily. These are the type of eyeshadows that blend a little too well; it doesn’t take much to blur those harsh lines (not a bad thing)! There are ten shades total:

Cream- Matte light peach
Antique- Shimmery gray taupe
Rum Cake- Shimmery bronze
Moss- Shimmery green
Truffle- Shimmery reddish brown
Ballet- Matte pink with slight silver glitter (reminds me of NARS Baby Girl)
Orange Soda- Matte peach
Sienna- Matte burnt orange
Pink Sapphire- Shimmery burgundy
Black Diamond- Black with golden shimmer


Swatches of shadows plus the brow pencil and eyeliner on top

Even if you can’t use the brow pencil, this is still a great kit. You may be able to use the brow pencil as an eyeliner if it is too dark/light for your brows. For me, it is a great color and I can use it. The eyeliner is VERY creamy! I was impressed with how it applied and didn’t drag across my lids.

For the shadows, you will definitely need primer with these in my experience; however, these do last all day on me when I use one. I need to wear a primer with just about any kind of eyeshadow though.

Though I love the shadows, I am really hooked on the brow pencil in this kit and would love the full-size one. I love the tweezers too!

If you want to explore more from this brand, this kit is a great place to start.

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3 Responses to Anastasia Beverly Hills Lavish Palette Swatches

  1. Luchessa says:

    The colors look quite pretty actually. And really great for the fall season. Pink Sapphire – great color, but how does it go with “our” eyes?

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