Bed Head Dual Waver Wand Review


Last week, I was wandering around running errands and of course went to the beauty aisle! I saw that there were a ton of hair tools marked 70% off, so I picked up this Bed Head Dual Waver wand for something different. The idea behind this wand is that you can create two types of wands: loose and a tighter variety.


If you were a child of the ’80s, you may have had a super cool hair gadget called a CRIMPER. That is essentially what this is, but “waver” sounds so much more sophisticated, doesn’t it?


The barrel is really easy to use. When you want to move the wand to change wave sizes, you just unlock the barrel and move the stick part into position (located behind the barrel lock).


I had a real “duh” moment when heating this up. I didn’t turn the wheel to the “high” setting, so I thought the wand wasn’t working! The wheel is kind of hidden…well, it was to me. 😉

hair2hairReally washed out lighting, but you get the idea!

I actually really like this wand! In the photos above, I used the large waves setting. When I use this wand, I get some extra volume, which is always appreciated since I love big hair (you should see my BFF…amazing hair).

Overall, I’m a fan and glad I picked this up on a whim! It’s nice to have something to use besides the standard curling iron to do my hair with. 🙂

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