Spotlight on Silver


Hello! Since the holidays are coming up I thought it might be nice to showcase some beautiful silvery shades. I think it is more difficult to find silver colors in makeup than gold, at least in my own collection. Here are some silvery products that might strike your fancy.


NARS Angelika blush isn’t silver of course, but it does have silver flecks of glitter in it. Angelika is described as “cotton candy” pink, which is an accurate description. The glitter is going to be a personal preference thing; if you like glitter, you will probably like this blush!

MAC Vex eyeshadow is probably one of MAC’s most popular, well-known shades. It’s an interesting color, as it is a silvery pink-green duochrome. I can’t think of any dupes for it either!

Stila Smudge Stick in Silver Dollar– This smudge stick is so rich and saturated, and it does not budge once it sets! I love wearing this in my waterline.


MAC Silver Dusk is an “iridescent powder” that I use as a highlighter. It looks very pink in the photos but is more pale in person. I think this powder is one of MAC’s hidden gems. It looks especially lovely on those with fairer skin.


Bare Minerals Nude Beach is described as “light brown sand”, but when applied the silvery hues really play out in the shimmer. I LOVE this color and it really sparkles. The shimmer is very fine so it is easy to not go overboard with it.

MAC Enlightening Pressed Pigment– This is a deep silver color. I love love love MAC’s pressed pigments and I found this one at a CCO. This especially pops over a darker base, like navy blue or black.

Finally, Illamasqua Glory nail polish is a “molten silver” nail polish. I got this in a Glossy Box back when I was a subscriber. I thought it was a boring color at first, but this is an awesome base for glitter, as it really makes the sparkle pop.


Silver Dusk, Silver Dollar, Enlightening, Angelika, Nude Beach, Vex

What are your favorite silver shades?


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5 Responses to Spotlight on Silver

  1. addercatter says:

    I just got a color tattoo in silver strike but haven’t tried it yet…

  2. Jenn says:

    Funny I love stuff that has glitter in it so much, but I rarely pay attention to whether it is silver or gold. Just so long as it is sparkly.

    By the way, how much was that cool looking hair crimper you wrote about? I do my hair kind of like that, but I just gel my hair before I brush out the natural waves and then back comb it. It would be nice to not just have to work with whatever my hair is doing that day.

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