Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer


The Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer ($28) is a vibrating sponge that is designed to buff cream/liquid products onto the face. It was designed to be used with Pop Beauty’s CC cream.


Blends liquid, cream, mousse or powder perfectly onto skin while de-puffing and improving circulation. Buff your favorite formula onto skin with this applicator and watch it blend like magic, creating a beautiful skin finish!


I purchased mine from Ulta because it was new, different, and interesting to me. The buffer is very lightweight and compact. It is actually smaller than I expected, but that isn’t a problem. The buffer comes with one replacement sponge, and you can easily change the battery, which is located underneath.





It is very easy to remove the sponge from the top for replacement. As far as how the product works, I seriously love this little gadget! I’ve been using it with the Covergirl 3-in-1 Stay Fabulous foundation and it looks flawless when I’m done. Everything is even, and there are no lines that brushes sometimes leave. I don’t feel like I’m wasting product either.

Despite loving this buffer, there are a couple of concerns that I have.

1- I don’t like to put the cap on after I use it because it seems unsanitary. Because of that, if you want to cover it, it needs to be washed daily.

2- The buffer comes with one replacement sponge, but I don’t see any other ones available for purchase. It would get extremely expensive to replace this by having to buy an entirely new unit. I’m wondering if they will start making individual or group packs of replacements.

If Pop Beauty starts supplying replacements for purchase, I will continue to buy them because I love how this applies products.

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