Fitness Friday: Back To It


Well, it’s been one week since my dog passed away. I have to admit I’ve had a really difficult time getting back into my normal life. Besides the race last Saturday, I’ve only been running one time (but it was 3.5 miles so I feel good about that).

There’s no way I’m going to quit now though. For one, my dog would be devastated. No, seriously. Walter lived to make me happy. If someone raised their voice and was upset, he always jumped up to defend me. If I was ranting and raving about something, he always came to see what was wrong. Walter would not want me to moping around like this, so to keep myself going, I signed up for three races. It’s actually part of a winter series, so I’m definitely going to freeze. One is in January, the other is in February, and the last one is in March. For the last race, I signed up for the 10K!!!!! That’s 6.2 miles. Am I crazy? I figure if I can do 4 now, I will have the last 2.2 miles worked out by mid-March.

I also need to buy new shoes already! It seems like yesterday that I went to the running store and got fitted for my current pair. Those puppies are totally worn out. The insides are smashed down, and the traction is even getting worn. I may buy a couple of pairs just to alternate; maybe have one pair for races only. We’ll see!

I do have other plans for these Fitness Friday posts, rather than just me rambling on about progress. There are all kinds of things that have helped me (like my pre-race ritual) along the way, that I want to share!

After this weekend, it is definitely time to get back into the swing of things.

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