Lorac Solid Gold Palette Swatches and Review!


The Lorac Solid Gold palette has been making waves in the beauty community thanks to how affordable it is. A high end brand with a $12 palette is always enticing! There are actually two palettes at this price, but I went for the neutral shades in the Solid Gold palette because they seemed more versatile for every day wear.


The palette is very lightweight and comes in a textured, cardboard palette. There are five shadows inside. Supposedly this palette is a “$110 value”, which is a bit bogus to me, but I’ll get to that in a bit.


This is a mostly warm-toned palette. There’s a shimmery off-white shade, a shimmery beige shade, shimmering copper, mostly matte taupe (it has minimal shimmer particles that are not noticeable; only in pan), and a matte brown with some sparkles in it (again, barely visible).


Shades in bright sun.



This palette definitely has a lot of pros to it. It is affordable, cute, and makes a wonderful stocking stuffer. I would love to get something like this for Christmas! Most of the shades are pigmented. The best colors in this palette are the off-white and beige shades on the left side of the palette. They are pigmented, smooth, and easy to blend.

The copper shade is an absolute nightmare. It had no color payoff at all until I scraped the top off of the shadow. Even then, I had to layer it a lot to get a good swatch. This shade is just frustrating. The two darker shades are pigmented but a little stiff and even difficult to blend. They have some sparkle in the pan, but these are mostly matte in swatches and on the eye.

Is this worth $12? Yes, I think so. You’re getting good shades that are pigmented, with the exception of the copper shade in the middle. Don’t let the $110 value fool you though. That’s the same price point of Urban Decay singles, and the majority of these shades are not UD quality. The quality is also not the same as other Lorac palettes.

While the darker shades are not the easiest to work with, they definitely aren’t the worst I’ve ever used. With a good blending brush, you’re good to go. Despite the poor quality of the coppery orange shade, this is still a good value overall. I’ve been using the highlighter shades often and like the finish of them.

What do you think of this palette?

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4 Responses to Lorac Solid Gold Palette Swatches and Review!

  1. Bridgett says:

    I hate that “$___ value” statements that high-end companies use to market their lower-end (made in China) products. Come on. You’re putting an expensive name on it – that doesn’t mean it’s worth more.

    • MelissaC says:

      Exactly!! The ONLY brand I would take that seriously from is Urban Decay.

      • Bridgett says:

        I used to trust Too Faced, but I noticed their “holiday” palette (the one that comes in an iPhone case) is made in China. And it’s $25. We all know how small an iPhone is. Doesn’t really seem like a good deal…

      • MelissaC says:

        I think the bigger Too Faced palettes seem okay. My friend got one this year and loves it. The small ones I haven’t been impressed with!

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