Lipstick Week Day 6: Lime Crime!


Lime Crime lipsticks are opaque, smooth, and comfortable to wear. I have three shades: Chinchilla, Babette, and Geradium. Compared the the rest of the line, these are pretty tame, as they have orange, yellow, and black in the line. I also have an interest in “Mint to Be”, but I’m not sure when I would wear a mint green lippie. Still, it’s gorgeous!


Mint to Be

Lime Crime lipsticks are housed in purple tubes with holographic unicorns. You just can’t look at these things without smiling because they are so cute!


Chinchilla- “Medium gray with lavender undertones.”

Geradium- “Coral-pink that is so intense, it might just be radioactive.”

Babette- “Pastel coral. We like to think of it as Coquette’s pinker cousin!”


Babette, Chinchilla, Geradium

LC2Chinchilla is very purple on me. I haven’t tried this with MAC Lip Erase yet, but I think the pigmentation of my lips is what makes this look so dark on me. I haven’t quite figured out how to wear this one yet!

LCGeradium is my newest Lime Crime, and definitely my style. I wish I would have had this in the summer months!

LC4Babette is my favorite of the bunch. I’ve worn this a ton since getting it in September, and it is just a flattering color for my complexion. You can see a FOTD with this lipstick here.

The formula on Lime Crime lipsticks is on the thick side. All I need is one swipe and the color is richly pigmented and super opaque.

Do you have any Lime Crime lipsticks? What do you think of the mint color?

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3 Responses to Lipstick Week Day 6: Lime Crime!

  1. satine89 says:

    I will buy some shades, definitely! I’ve heard so many good thing about these lipsticks that I just have to!

  2. Mammu says:

    For me they are all perfect, also the purple one! And the packaging is just insanely cute *_*

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