Lavanila Fresh Vanilla Lemon Perfume


I am a connoisseur of all things lemon. I LOVE lemons. I love lemon juice, I love lemon scented anything, and I do love lemony fragrances. Mmmm…lemons! Imagine my excitement when Lavanila released a new fragrance like this one: Fresh Vanilla Lemon! Though this is/was limited edition, you can still find it on places like eBay, and in Sephora stores (mine still carries it). The full size is $58, but I opted for the rollerball to try before investing in the big bottle, and I’m glad that I did.


Fresh Vanilla Lemon is an alluring, pure, and authentic scent inspired by the endless versatility of Madagascar vanilla. Beautifully made with all-natural ingredients, bright, juicy lemon blends with lush watery fruits, fresh bamboo, and pure Madagascar vanilla for a clean and sexy softness.

This smells good. It’s creamy, sweet, and not overwhelming or cloying. That said, I wish that the lemon was a lot more prominent in this product. It isn’t as “zesty” as I thought it would be, and the staying power isn’t the best. I get a few hours and then have to reapply. I don’t have a problem with that, but I just don’t get much lemon here, which is the disappointment. I’m so glad that I didn’t get the big bottle, because there are other lemon scents that I prefer with better staying power.

That said, I’m not so disappointed that I wouldn’t try another fragrance from the brand. Any recommendations?

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