Cargo OneBase Concealer + Foundation


Cargo OneBase ($28) is a combination concealer and foundation. It comes in a squeezable tube that includes an applicator wand, making it easy to use it as either concealer or foundation. I have yet to be disappointed by anything from Cargo, and like everything else I’ve tried from the brand, this product is a winner. The idea behind OneBase is that most people don’t need foundation all over their face, and can just get away with concealer.


OneBase allows you to cover areas around the eyes, nose and mouth to conceal imperfections. It then blends out perfectly to natural skin. It combines superior coverage and precision application in the ease of a sleek tube and wand combination. It is the perfect product for those who do not want full-face foundation coverage – designed for natural coverage in key facial areas.

Cargo2OB 02 – Beige (medium with pink undertones)

This product is available in six shades:

  • 01 – very fair with yellow undertone
  • 02 – Medium/fair with pink undertone
  • 025 – medium/fair with yellow undertone
  • 03 – medium with neutral undertone
  • 04 medium with yellow undertone
  • 045 medium/dark with yellow undertone

Unfortunately, the shade variety is not very large in terms of foundations; however, for concealer use, this should fit a wider range of skin tones depending on what you want your concealer to do. I use shade 02 Beige, which is a good fit for me as a concealer and a foundation.


As a concealer, this is not full coverage. It is more of a sheer to medium concealer, so if you have heavy acne scars, a lot of redness, or other severe skin issues, this is probably not the product for you. If you have minimal problem areas to conceal, like slight redness, this will even out your skin and have a brightening effect.

cargo4Wearing as both foundation and under eye concealer

As a foundation, this is medium coverage and looks super natural! It is SO easy to blend and apply. It practically blends itself with a makeup brush (I used Urban Decay’s Optical Blurring brush). I set it with my powder and I’m good to go for the entire day.

The best part about this multitasking product is that it makes traveling way easy! I can just bring this and skip another concealer, which is a space saver and keeps my makeup bag light.

There are three cons to this product: the lack of shades, lack of SPF, and the price. This is $28 for .6 ounces of product, which is practically half of what a standard high end product delivers in terms of price/size. At the same time, I can’t really complain about it because I purchased this in a kit ($42) that came with this, a full-size HD powder, a mini bronzer, and a face primer (you can check out that kit here). I would still suck it up and purchase this again, because I do love it.

What are your favorite Cargo products?

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