MAC Holiday Nocturnals Pigments and Glitter in Green and Teal


MAC released several pigment sets this holiday season. In yesterday’s tutorial, I used Deep Blue Green from this set as the main eye color. I am a HUGE fan of MAC pigments and have many, and I especially love when they come in kits like this! Each set is $32.50. Christine from Temptalia broke down the actual value of the kit compared to the price of one full-sized pigment, and the value here is $77. She also notes that the glitters are not “eye safe”, so use at your own risk if you are sensitive to that. Personally, I do use them on my eyes, but if you don’t, you can always use the glitter for nail polish, on the body, or even in your hair or other parts of the face.

The Green and Teal kit comes with five shades: Reflects Gold, Old Gold, 3D Gold, Deep Blue Green, and Just Before Dawn.


Reflects Gold, Old Gold


3D Gold, Deep Blue Green, and Just Before Dawn

I already have a full size of Reflects Gold, but that didn’t stop me from getting this kit! I love the colors and each pigment is smooth to apply. The bottles are really sturdy and they come with a stopper inside, so you won’t spill them everywhere. One thing to note is that you may need tweezers to remove the topper if you do not have long fingernails. DON’T tip it over and shake to remove it, because it will make an enormous mess!

pigment4Shade swatches


Sun swatches…PRETTY! Deep Blue Green is coming across a bit dark here.

If you want to try MAC’s pigments, the holiday sets are a great way to try several at an affordable price. Pigments last forever too, because you need so little when applying. Although I primarily use them for eyeshadow, I have also used them for nail polish. I highly recommend this set!

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