NARS Douceur Blush Review!


Ahh…NARS Douceur ($29)…This is my holy grail blush. I am in LOVE with this blush. Let’s backtrack to another love: Tarte Exposed. I hit pan on it within a year of having it, and any beauty buff knows that is a big deal. After using Douceur for a month straight, I am confident in saying this is my dream blush, as it is just perfect for my skin tone and complexion. I can’t tear myself away from it!


Douceur is described as a “soft pink brown.” On my skin, it is a dusty, brown rose tone and looks darker on my skin than in the pan. This is a sheer, but buildable blush. I like this because it makes it so easy to just put it on and go if I need to. Douceur gives me a natural flush and goes with just about every makeup look because of this. I love brown-toned pink blushes, and this one is definitely my favorite so far!


Douceur, Tarte Exposed, MAC The Perfect Cheek, MAC Barefaced, MAC Poised, MAC Small Vanity

As you can see from the swatches, Exposed is more pink than Douceur. Small Vanity is darker, but in the same rosy vein as Douceur. Even though this is a muted shade, something about it just makes my complexion look radiant and healthy.

NARS makes expensive, but amazing blushes. I have yet to be disappointed with a blush from this brand, and definitely recommend this one if you are looking to try a new shade!

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3 Responses to NARS Douceur Blush Review!

  1. amandabambii says:

    I loooove Nars! Haven’t tried this shade but it looks gorgeous!

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