NARS Yamal, Night Star, and Bengali Eyeshadows


NARS is just so dangerous. The more I try, the more I lust after. The quality is amazing and I love the names and packaging. NARS has it all, and holiday time is the perfect time to take advantage of sales at Sephora,, and the NARS website for 20% off sales. Anyway, moving on to the good stuff: Night Star, Bengali, and Yamal eyeshadows!


Bengali is a matte shade, described as “rich chocolate brown.” This is warmer than Coconut Grove and brings out the green and gold in my eyes. The shade is definitely “rich” as described and goes on smoothly.


Night Star is described as “sheer peach with pearls”, aka silver glitter. I am in love with this shade. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea due to the glitter, but I love wearing his on my brow bone! It is also a good lid shade. The color is very flattering.


Yamal is a limited edition shade from the Fall 2013 collection, but is still available on Amazon and It is described as “maple sugar”. I am obsessed with this color. I have been wearing it a lot as a transition shade; however, it is buildable to the point where it serves as a good crease shade. This is just a very versatile color that goes with everything.

nars2Yamal, Night Star, and Bengali

Of these three shades, Night Star is probably the most unique, with Yamal being the most versatile for my every day use.

What are your favorite NARS shades? I’m thinking of picking up Cairo next!

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2 Responses to NARS Yamal, Night Star, and Bengali Eyeshadows

  1. amandabambii says:

    These look gorgeous! I only have one, Coconut Grove!

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