Crown Brush HD Brush Set Review!

brush4*Sent for review

I’ve heard people talk about the Crown Brush brand often, and I’ve seen them on Hautelook, so when the opportunity came along to test out this set from iFabbo, I was really excited! This set is available in three colors: orange, purple, and white. I have the white set, number 615. It comes with six brushes, the pouch to hold them, a mirror, and a set of tweezers.


My tweezers are missing from the photo, because my husband used them for his baseball cards and didn’t put them back! 😉 The mirror is a little large for the space it is in, so it overlaps the “frame” it is in. I can probably pop this back in and it might be just my pouch. I do like the case quite a bit; it is easy to wipe off and clean, and it’s nice and lightweight!


The brushes are vegan, made with high quality synthetic fibers, and can be used with creams, liquids, and powders. I haven’t experienced any shedding during use or washing, and the handles are sturdy.


Here’s the rundown on each brush:

Deluxe Contour– I love this brush! I’ve used it for contouring, but I really love it for applying setting powder to the under eye area. It’s the perfect size!

Tapered Blush– This brush has a lot of uses. It’s good for blush, but also for applying foundation.

Pro Powder– Not surprisingly, this is the brush I’ve used the most. It applies powder evenly and quickly, and the bristles are so silky that it feels amazing on the skin.

Crease Blender– Another versatile brush, this is fantastic at blending and applying color to the eyelid crease and brow bone.

Detail Liner– These brushes are always good to have. I have several liner brushes because I only use them once before washing.

Chisel Shadow– This brush does a nice job packing on color, and it can be used to apply color to the crease as well.


Overall, this is a great brush kit. I can see myself only bringing this along on a weekend trip, as it has everything I need to create different looks. I can’t say enough how soft these bristles are! My favorite brushes are the Pro Powder brush, and the Deluxe Contour brush.

This set retails for  $27.95 on the Crown Brush website, but is currently on sale for $16.77 (price subject to change; I do not know how they do sales). You can find all three sets by clicking here.

*Sent for review from iFabbo. All opinions are my own.

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2 Responses to Crown Brush HD Brush Set Review!

  1. I have a set of Crown Brushes but also got this from iFabbo. I like their brushes a lot and plan on giving these a whirl this week.

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