ELF Twinkle Pink Versus NARS Super Orgasm


I’ve been doing some cleaning and downsizing and decided to pull out these two blushes to compare: ELF Twinkle Pink and NARS Super Orgasm. I have a mini of the NARS blush that came with a kit. To be honest I just don’t reach for ELF over NARS, though I do think the ELF blushes are a good alternative for someone who won’t or can’t fork over $29 for a blush.


In the pan, the blushes are very similar; the chunky glitter in Super Orgasm is very apparent, whereas in Twinkle Pink it is more fine, but still apparent.

narself4Twinkle Pink

Super Orgasm

The textures between these two blushes are very different. The texture of Twinkle Pink is very soft and powdery. It is very pigmented and has good staying power; it is definitely worth more than the $3 price tag. Super Orgasm has a firmer texture and feels gritty to the touch in the pan because of the glitter chunks. Yes, this is a major glitter bomb!

narself5Super Orgasm, Twinkle Pink

Super Orgasm seems a little darker to me. As you can see in the photo above, this is a blush for glitter lovers! I don’t mind a little sparkle, so I like this blush. On the cheeks, Twinkle Pink has a pretty sheen, though some reviewers still find it too sparkly. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a blush!

These blushes are very similar, though not exact dupes. Since Super Orgasm isn’t a shade I personally reach for all the time, I don’t see myself purchasing the full size, but if you’re looking for some major glitter and sparkle, this is a great option. If you want fine shimmer and something that is long lasting and affordable, Twinkle Pink is worth picking up!

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