Fitness Friday: Adventures in the Cold and Santa Run!


Well, winter is here for sure. It has been very cold with most of the temps being in the single digits, or having a windchill in the single digits. Sadly, I’ve been spending time with the treadmill. On Wednesday, I decided to run outside. Let’s just say the temperature hovered around 10 and the windchill was 1. The sun was out, but running at that temperature is an entirely different beast!

Some challenges I’ve noticed:

1- I never truly warm up if it is below 15 degrees.2- Breathing is more difficult when it’s below 10 degrees.
3- I “feel” the run in my muscles more when it’s cold. I’m not sure how to explain this sensation, but it’s not pleasant.

I just keep telling myself that once it gets to 30 again, that I’ll be even better at this due to the misery of winter running.

me1If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen some of my photos from last weekend’s Santa 5K run. It was SO fun! There were over 1000 people in the race. I had a bad cold last week, and the course was challenging, as it was at a slight incline most of the time.

santa2It took awhile to get through!

The best part of the race were the happenings on the street. There was a “real” Santa walking around, a band playing Christmas music, and some people were even handing out cookies. My favorite part of the race was of course seeing my hubby at the end, so I stopped to give him a kiss before crossing the finish line. 🙂


A few days later, I was on Facebook, and the organizers posted a photo album of the race. Much to my surprise there was a picture of me in it out of all those people! I am definitely going to do that race again, but next year ditch the Santa pants and just stick with the jacket part. My pants were so big that I had to roll them and tuck them into the other pants I had on. Not the end of the world, just uncomfortable.

me3Gingerbread house!

This race wasn’t timed, but I had my Nike+ watch with me anyway.

I have two more races yet before 2014. One is tomorrow, and the other one is next Saturday, which my husband signed me up for. I totally did not want to run that race, because I know there are hardcore runners in it and there is a good chance I will be dead last. That said, it looks like there’s a walk this year too, so maybe I won’t be. 😉

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2 Responses to Fitness Friday: Adventures in the Cold and Santa Run!

  1. Baba says:

    Good for you to enter races!!! As long as you are careful, I hope all goes well!!

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