Coastal Scents Brush Haul!


During their Black Friday sale, I decided to purchase some brushes from Coastal Scents. I have one CS brush from Ipsy’s October bag, and it is decent for packing on eye shadow, so with the sale I thought it would be a great way to try a selection of brushes. I purchased three eye brushes and two face brushes. Including shipping, I paid about $13 for these.


Face Brushes:

BR-110- Bionic Flat Top Buffer- This seems similar to the Sigma F80 brush, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it compares. The bristles don’t seem as dense, but they are dense enough. It is also softer than the Sigma brush, and has a shorter handle. I wouldn’t call this a dupe, but a similar brush.

BR-C-S25 Classic Blush Angle- This brush comes in the natural and synthetic variety; I purchased the synthetic brush. I can see myself using this for all kinds of stuff, like contouring, highlighting, bronzer, and of course blush!


Eye Brushes:

BR-C-N08 Classic Blender Crease brush- This is a natural hair brush that is tapered. This brush is very soft; I’m curious to see how it compares to my other crease brushes.

BR-250 Pro Blending Fluff brush- This is the “217” of Coastal Scents. I purchased it because I’d like to see how it performs against the MAC 217 (my favorite blending brush) and the Sigma dupe (E25).

BR-C-N16 Classic Bent Liner brush- This is just your standard bent eyeliner brush. I love having these on hand in multiples because I don’t usually apply gel eyeliner with the same brush twice for sanitary reasons.


Have you tried any of these brushes before, or other brushes from the brand? What are your favorite makeup brushes?

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