Dress Green Mint & Vanilla Snow Day Body Scrub!


Welcome to the third day of skincare reviews!

Dress Green is an indie bath and body shop on Etsy. Located in Michigan, the brand offers all sorts of natural body products, from scrubs to eye cream to lip balms. I’ve been using this scrub off and on for years, ever since I discovered it. I can’t find anything like it elsewhere!


Gently exfoliate and refresh your skin with fine beet sugar, while at the same time moisturizing with nourishing butters and oils. Snow Day provides just the right combination of exfoliating power with skin-hydrating nutrients – and it’s now in an emulisfying scrub. As soon as you combine this exfoliant with water in your shower, it turns into a creamy polish, rinsing away easily and leaving your skin with just the right amount of moisturization. A touch of vanilla oil and peppermint essential oil give this scrub an invigorating aroma, and leave your skin toned and revived. It’s even better than the feel of fresh cool snow.


First off, this scrub smells AMAZING. It is so fresh and cooling, with a touch of sweet. It really is reminiscent of fresh snowfall, when the air is quiet and the snow hasn’t been touched or jumped in yet.

I use this product to exfoliate my legs; however, I’ve used it on my face in the past. I like it for my legs because in addition to exfoliating, it is highly moisturizing thanks to the oils, yet still gentle as it buffs dead skin away.

This product is vegan and free of artificial colors and fragrances. You can purchase this scrub in the 8 ounce size, which is $13, or a travel size (2.5 ounces) for $5. You can find this handmade scrub at Dress Green on Etsy.

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