Foreo Luna Mini Review!


Time for Day 5 in the seven days of skincare reviews! I have been so curious about the skincare gadgets out there, like the Clarisonic, but I’ve never taken the leap until BzzAgent offered me the Foreo Luna Mini to try at a discounted price. After reading some positive reviews, I decided to purchase the Luna Mini from BzzAgent, and I’m glad that I did! So far, I’ve been using this for over a month and have developed some thoughts on it.

mini2The Foreo Luna Mini is about the size of my palm. It has a USB charger that keeps the Mini charged for 300 uses on a single charge. 300 uses! That’s almost a whole year, making it perfect for traveling. No having to worry about charging it mid-week or mid-travel.

The front part is slightly curved, while the back is more like a half-dome shape. The circle on the front is the “on” button. There are two speeds, and the lesser one (the second speed) is for cleansing delicate areas, like under the eye.

This is a Swedish product and design; however, it is made in China.


There are 1300 silicone “touch-points”. Some are on the front, and there are larger ones on the back.

It is designed to work in just one minute. Use for 15 seconds on the four quadrants of of the face: each cheek, forehead, and the chin. When the 15 seconds are up, the Mini buzzes twice to let you know it’s time to switch.


Another unique feature is that this is completely waterproof. I was afraid to take it in the shower, but I did and it is waterproof. I don’t like to leave it in the shower, just because I want it to last longer, so I keep it on my sink.

I have used this with a variety of cleansers, and I especially love using it to remove makeup with LUSH Ultrabland cleanser. My skin feels incredibly clean, and the massaging, silicone nubs are gentle and relaxing. I think this would be fine for someone with sensitive skin as well.

I’m really happy with this purchase and will continue to use it. Though I received a significant discount through BzzAgent, the retail price of the Luna Mini is $139. Considering the Clarisonic requires the replacement of brush heads and this doesn’t, this is a good value. The Luna Mini is available in five colors (of course I picked the pink one).

Until January 31, 2014, you can get 35% off on the Foreo Luna Mini at Foreo’s website with the code 6ZFXWH (not an affiliate link).

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