My Fossil Bags Part One: Large Purses

F141Currently using

When I finally switched to the new purse I bought at the end of October, so I thought it would be a good time to photograph ALL of my Fossil bags and write up a few blog posts about them! Most of my bags are of the Key Per design with oilcloth. I have a few canvas style bags and one leather purse as well. This post is dedicated to my larger bags. I prefer big purses over small ones.



This is a canvas bag with large pockets on the outside. This bag is really roomy and I used it throughout spring and summer because it matches everything.


You’ll see this birdcage motif a few more times. This is another bucket style Key Per bag, and one of my favorite purses. I’ve had this for a few years now.


This is another canvas bag and it is enormous. Most people probably wouldn’t use this for a purse because of the size, but I just love it. This was my first Fossil purse, and I’ve had it for five or six years now.



Fun fact about this purse: It went to Greece (a friend borrowed it). I am now realizing that this is the back of the bag; the front has two pockets on each side that clasp shut. I only paid $20 for this at the Fossil outlet a few years ago!


This bag is a 2013 purse and I love the design with the roses and the birds. Topped off with the turquoise coloring, I fell for this print hard. My sister has the same purse. I bought this just before I went to Chicago in the spring.



This purse is unique compared to my other purses. I don’t have anything quite like it in both design and the way it is shaped. I love the texture of it too. It closes with a magnetic clasp, and flips up to reveal two pockets, plus the main part of the purse.



This last bag is not a purse, but a large weekender bag, again in the birdcage motif. This is a canvas style bag and I usually bring this if I’m going on an overnight. I also take this on longer trips when I need to carrying my laptop and books for work.

Thanks for checking out the first post in this installment! I have a couple more posts coming up with smaller bags, and miscellaneous things, like wallets.

What is your favorite handbag brand?

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2 Responses to My Fossil Bags Part One: Large Purses

  1. What bag isn’t my favorite? My hubs bought me a Rebecca Minkoff bag for Christmas but on Christmas Eve we went to Bloomingdale’s and I found another Rebecca Minkoff bag on sale. I bought it. My sister gave me a really cute Dooney& Bourke denim messenger bag. My bag collection is ridiculous. My mom, my sister, and my best friend love when I clean out my closet!

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