My Fossil Bags Part Two: Medium to Small Purses and Train Cases


Welcome to Part Two of my Fossil collection! This post is for medium to small sized purses. The purse above is quite small for me, but it is still big enough to hold a wallet and a small makeup bag.



I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be a cosmetics bag, but I have used it as a purse in the spring. It’s pretty small, but still roomy. This is a versatile bag and it packs nicely if you aren’t using it as a purse.


This is one of my smallest purses. It holds a wallet just fine, but there isn’t room for a book or anything like that in here. I love this print so much!


This is another cosmetic type bag that doubles as a purse. I have used it for both, but prefer it for cosmetics because it is pretty small. Also, when the zipper extends to the bottom, it makes me worry that I’m going to drop something if I’m at the store.


This is the bag I just switched from. It’s plain, white leather. It’s a medium-sized purse, but roomy (small for me ;)). I will probably switch back to this in the winter months, because I love how it pops against my winter coat, which is blue.



I have two Fossil train cases, and these are some of my favorite investments. I get SO much use out of these, and take them along whenever I travel. It is amazing how much you can fit in these!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for my next purse post, all about my miscellaneous Fossil bags!

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