My Fossil Bags Part Three: Electronics


In addition to purses, I have some other Fossil bags for electronics, including the laptop bag in the photo above. It is padded and holds my computer perfectly, plus it has a nice big pocket in the front where I can keep work documents I may need to travel with.


It is totally excessive, but I have three iPad sleeves from Fossil. The one on the bottom with the trees and birds is my last purchase (a total steal from the Fossil outlet). I do use all three of them in rotation, and they can be used for other things besides an iPad!



A few years ago, my mom gave me some money for Christmas with a little note that said to “spend it at the Fossil outlet” because she wasn’t able to get a gift card. I did what she said and picked up this case for my Kindle. It keeps it secure and I love the notepad on the inside.


And finally, this is the little case I keep my iPhone in so it doesn’t get bumped around too much in my purse. I love slinging this around my wrist while I’m shopping too, since it’s way easier than going into my purse hunting for my phone constantly!

Stay tuned for the next and last installment of my Fossil bags coming up tomorrow! 🙂

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