Bare Minerals Power Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette


I’m a bit late to the game in blogging about this palette, but I LOVE it and have been loving it since I purchased it in the fall. This is my go to eyeshadow palette when I need something for an on the go look, especially if it’s after a race and I am in a hurry to go somewhere afterward. I also used this palette on my cousin for her wedding in October.

This palette is expensive, but worth it if it’s something that you will use as much as I have. It is $40 for eight shades, making each shade $5. The shadows are housed in a gold mirrored case that clasps shut. Each shade is clearly marked on the back.


At first I thought this palette would be too similar to Naked 2, but it is different than other neutral palettes in a refreshing way, as it contains a green-toned color. It is a great mix of matte and shimmer. The inside has a large mirror and a double-ended brush. The brush isn’t terrible, and I’ve used it for blending.


Each shade in the palette is about the size of a nickel.

Boss Lady is a pale peach with some shimmer. It reminds me of NARS Night Star but with more beige.

Moneymaker is an olive brown matte shade. There is a touch of sparkle, but it comes across on the lids as matte.

Schmooze is my favorite of the bunch. It’s a bronze taupe shade that needs to be available in single pan form, because I LOVE it. I can see myself going through this quickly despite rarely hitting pan on eyeshadows.

Boardroom is a reddish matte brown. It has the stiffest texture of the bunch, but isn’t difficult to work with by any means.


Boss Lady, Moneymaker, Schmooze, Boardroom, Exec, Payday, Magnate, Get Ahead

Exec is a satin slate-toned taupe. This color is incredible; definitely one to see in person.

Payday is another satin shade, light gray and very smooth. The texture on this one is amazing! It’s very soft and silky.

Magnate is a nude peach and darker than Boss Lady. It also has less shimmer.

Get Ahead is a medium taupe shade, somewhere in between matte and satin.

PN5Same order, different lighting

Although this palette is not particularly exciting, it is executed perfectly in the mix of shades. I think I feel about this palette like most people feel about the Lorac PRO palette! It is perfect for traveling and the case is really sturdy. Although this is a limited edition palette, you may be able to find it in stores, and at some online retailers.

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4 Responses to Bare Minerals Power Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Tina says:

    Is it just me or the shades at the back of the palette is deceiving. I’ve been eyeing on this palette before but now thative seen the actual, it doesn’t seem so attractive anymore. 😒

  2. berrymix says:

    I love all the colors!

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