Stila Collage of Color Lip and Cheek Palette


I mentioned Stila’s Convertible Color in Orchid in my December favorites post, and since I was loving that so much, I picked up this Convertible Color palette, “Collage of Color.” Though Convertible Color is for lips and cheeks, I never find myself using it on my lips. This is a limited edition palette available from Sephora’s website only, and it’s just $10. This is a HUGE steal in my opinion because I love the formula and staying power!

A few more tidbits from Sephora’s website:

This product has won InStyle magazine’s “Best Cream Blush” nine years running.This innovative formula can be used on both the cheeks and lips. This versatile favorite brightens cheeks and lips with creamy, translucent color and this portable palette contains a collage of color that is suitable for all skin types and skintones.


This palette comes with three shades: Peach Poppy, Coral, and Roseberry. They are all gorgeous and the texture is spot on to my full-size Convertible Color shades, so there weren’t any shortcuts taken with the formula. Each pan is .11 ounces, while a full-size pan is .15 ounces, so you’re getting almost a full size with each one.

Just like the full-size product, these are highly pigmented, easy to blend, last all day, and look very natural on the skin. Even though they look very bright and possibly scary to some in the pan, on the cheek they won’t give this effect unless you don’t blend them enough.

stila4Peach Poppy, Coral, Roseberry

I’m not quite sure how long this will be available, but you can find the palette here (not an affiliate link!). I love all three shades, am especially drawn to Coral and Peach Poppy right now, since I’m already thinking of summer and spring colors.

This is a major steal and worth picking up!

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5 Responses to Stila Collage of Color Lip and Cheek Palette

  1. surq says:

    This loooks soo so lovely i hope this gets to y country soon

  2. surq says:

    Oh btw right now its only $10 on the US sephora website

  3. It’s so ironic that you just made a post about this because my friend got this for me, among other things, for christmas and I was just testing them out and taking notes to do a proper review of them. These are such lovely colors and it makes me want to go and look at the other colors that they have!

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