Applying Cake Eyeliner with Studio Gear and Cinema Secrets

SG5*Studio Gear eyeliner sent for review; CS sealer and MAC brush purchased by me

One part of my makeup routine that I seem to struggle with is eyeliner. I hate eyeliner that tugs in the slightest, and I want something that stays on and dries quickly. I’m slowly warming up to liquid eyeliner, but was really excited to try eyeliner in a different form: cake! Cake eyeliner is pressed in a pan, just like an eyeshadow. It just takes a little water to get the product going so you can use it.


Studio Gear cake eyeliner comes in a standard round pan with black rubberized packaging, very similar to NARS. I like cute packaging, and think this is actually quite stylish and edgy, making it look more expensive.


In the pan, this eyeliner is very dry and stiff. I’ve used this with both water and Cinema Secrets Eyeliner Sealer. The CS sealer helps both liners and eyeshadow last longer, especially matte shadows. I put a little bit on my MAC 212 brush, dip it into the Studio Gear cake eyeliner, and apply it to my eyelid. This method makes my eyeliner last ALL day, when liner is something that usually disappears on me. Don’t use too much water or sealer, because that will fade out how black your line is. Only a little bit is needed. Plus, it is easier to work with when it is slightly damp compared to full on wet.

Depending on what kind of technique you use, it is easy to go for a dramatic line, or a lighter, more smoked out line.


My favorite part about this eyeliner is that it is SO black, and when it sets, it does not BUDGE. I applied this heavy swatch on my hand and left it there for a few minutes, and needed makeup remover to take it off, because water just would not do. I also like how easy the clean up is with this product. I love gel eyeliner, but hate how it gets stuck SO easily to brushes and is difficult to clean. I can just rinse my brush with water after using the cake eyeliner, and it’s ready to use for the next day.

You do not need the Cinema Secrets eyeliner sealer to use this product. Water works just fine, but since I had the sealer, I wanted to get some more use out of it.

Studio Gear cake eyeliner comes in three shades: Black, Brown, and Forest. Forest (rich green) is currently marked down to $8, so I’m not sure if this is permanent or being discontinued, but the regular price is $17. This available at the Studio Gear website, and the brand is also available at Ulta’s website, though I haven’t seen it in stores yet.

With the code PINKLADY13 you can get 10% off of your purchase at Studio Gear!

Have you tried cake eyeliner before?

*Studio Gear eyeliner sent for review. Cinema Secrets purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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1 Response to Applying Cake Eyeliner with Studio Gear and Cinema Secrets

  1. Bridgett says:

    This might be a good option for me. I’m eyeliner-challenged and just use an angled brush and black eye shadow, sealing when necessary.

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