Fitness Friday: Winter Blues


This has been a challenging week. I was on such a high at the end of December, and the beginning of January has been a major struggle. On Saturday, my husband and I returned home from visiting family. On Sunday and Monday, we had a HORRIBLE storm and we were literally trapped at our house for those days. On Tuesday, it was below zero and the windchill was over twenty below.

On top of all this, my car battery died, so I’ve been stuck at home with a major case of cabin fever. My husband had to go out of town for a night, so for all but three hours of this week, I’ve been literally stuck at my house!

Now, where running is concerned, I did log some miles on the treadmill this week, but nothing astonishing by any means. We have a race tomorrow and I actually feel nervous because I haven’t run three miles since the end of December (I ran 2.5 on New Year’s Eve, which was pure MISERY due to windchill…almost stopped to ask someone for a ride home). My treadmill runs have been in the two mile range because I HATE the treadmill so much. Basically, I just have cabin fever and am itching to get outside.

I know this sounds like a lot of complaining, but I just needed to get it out of my system. I know I’m lucky to have the option of a treadmill. I know that I’m not going to lose six months of running and working hard over the time span of two weeks of lighter runs.

On the bright side, it’s warm today (33!!!), and the snow is melting. I’m hoping I can actually run without YakTrax tomorrow at the race, which will make things easier!

Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble. There will be hurdles like this one, and it won’t be winter forever. 🙂

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