Elle Blush and Bronzer Brush Review


Elle brushes are sold at Kohl’s, and I haven’t seen them mentioned much on blogs or YouTube. I took a chance on the bronzer brush in the summer of 2013 and fell in love with it. During the fall I picked up the blush brush, and am very happy with it. These brushes are very underrated and comparable to other brushes in their price range.


The blush brush ($16) is very dense. It has a rounded top, but is on the flat side in terms of width. It has a sturdy handle and soft, synthetic bristles. It is the perfect size for applying blush! I always felt the Real Techniques brush was a little too big for my face, whereas the Elle brush is smaller and a better match for my facial structure. It blends perfectly and distributes color evenly.


The bronzer brush (also $16) is made of synthetic bristles as well, and has a unique shape. It is cut at an angle, but gets wider at the end, as the bristles splay out a bit, as you can see in the image above. Because of this, it is easy to apply bronzer lightly, even when it is very pigmented. The blending power of this brush is amazing!

If you live near Kohl’s, I highly recommend checking out the Elle brush line. I plan on picking up some eye brushes in the future and hope I will like them as much as I like these two brushes! There is a display of brushes that you can look at and touch at Kohl’s.

Have you tried this line? What are your favorite makeup brushes?

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