Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color in Pink Punch


Do you want to see what I think of my first Sonia Kashuk lipstick? I picked this up from Target in August for a mere $3 back in September. I’m not sure why it was marked down, but I think they were making way for some fall items. I don’t see this particular shade in their line up on the website anymore, so it might be discontinued or a limited edition summer shade.

Here are a few snippets from the Sonia Kashuk blog; you can see what an SK intern had to say about this lippie line:

…The new and improved reformulated anti-aging Satin Luxe lip color SPF 16. Not only do these lipsticks protect your lips from the UV rays but they also help hydrate and soften with nourishing botanicals and peptides.


Pink Punch is hot pink! The top of the lipstick is adorned with an SK stamp too, which I think is so cute! The tube is in the shape of a square and made of metal. The swatch on the bottom of the tube is also fairly accurate in showing the color the lipstick, which is always nice.

pink3Pink Punch on my lips

The consistency of this product is very creamy and comfortable to wear. It is so pigmented that it is easy to go overboard! Also, you can always blot if you don’t want to wear something so bright and vibrant. This lipstick is fairly long lasting and doesn’t travel outside of lip lines. It isn’t drying, which is always a plus for someone like myself, who has naturally dry lips.

I’m impressed with the quality of the Satin Luxe line and would love to try more colors. Although I found mine for a lower price point, the regular price is $10. This is expensive for a drugstore lipstick, but the quality is on par with MAC lipsticks, so I believe they are worth the price tag! I’d like to try the shade ‘Sunkissed’ next.

Have you tried this lipstick line? What do you think of them?

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