Dry Skin Saviors!


Since I live in the upper Midwest, dry skin is often an issue in the winter months. This year has been especially brutal with frigid temps dipping below zero, so a big part of my beauty routine is keeping my skin hydrated! Here’s what my skin has been loving lately.

EOS Shave Cream– Why, why, why did I not get this sooner? I will never go back. This stuff is amazingly moisturizing for my dry legs.

Garnier Clean Nourishing Cleansing Oil– This is new on the market, and the formula I have is for dry skin. I like that I can take off my makeup and not worry about it sucking moisture out of my skin. My face feels very soft after use.

LUSH Ultrabland– Another very moisturizing makeup remover/face wash; my tub is almost out, sadly! I love how gentle it is.

LUSH Imperalis moisturizer– I use this on my face as a day cream. No SPF, but it does the job for moisture.

Carol’s Daughter Shea Souffle for Dry to Extra Dry skin– I use this on my arms and legs daily, day and night. It smells amazing and is very soothing.


Desert Essence Organics Repair Pumpkin hand cream– My HG hand cream. Love this scent and how conditioning it is.

Michael Todd Organics Anti-Aging Face Lift– This moisturizer is thin, with an almost milky consistency. I wear this at night and really like it! The retail price on this is $150, but I always see it on Living Social for $25 (which is where I got mine).

MAC Lip Conditioner– My lips are the most difficult part of my body to keep moisturized! I put this on before going to bed, and they are pretty soft in the morning.

Lypsyl Lip Balm– My new favorite drugstore lip balm! This stuff is so amazing! I love how thin it is, but conditioning. I can’t stand products that are too thick and goopy.

What are your go-to products for dry skin?

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