Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder Review


So, you may have heard the news. My BELOVED, most favorite beauty product in the entire world, Maybelline Dream Matte powder, has been DISCONTINUED. I had a feeling this day was coming since there are only four shades in the line, but still…I am devastated. I drove all over town buying backups, and quite frankly, it is a little embarrassing just how many I acquired. My husband also aided me in this raid, so he is fully aware of my insanity. 😉 Why, why, why can’t Dream Matte be one of those things that sticks around for the next sixty years? Okay, enough whining. The point of this post is that I also picked up one of their new powders a couple weeks ago: Dream Wonder. Is it as marvelous as Dream Matte? Time to find out!


Dream Wonder is housed in a pink-toned case with some rose gold detailing. It claims to be a “second skin” powder that feels “powderless”. The display that holds this powder was terribly confusing. Nothing was in order. There are sixteen shades in the line, and I picked up the third shade, Classic Ivory.


The powder is very soft to the touch. The texture reminds me of Benefit Hello, Flawless! powder. One thing I noticed right away, and you can also see this in the photo above, is that the powder looks a little “bumpy”; it isn’t completely flat in the pan.

wonder4Heavy swatch

Classic Ivory was a decent shade match for me. I often wear the third shade in drugstore lines. The powder is soft, smoothing, and does have a semi-matte, semi-satin type of finish. It doesn’t leave me particularly shiny, but it does have a slight hint of luminosity. Dream Wonder power also has a fair amount of coverage. I would be fine wearing just this and nothing else, maybe some concealer if needed, with the expectation that touch ups during the day are required.

Going back to the texture, it is very luxurious. Since it is so soft, it is easy to pick up too much powder. I applied this using the sponge that is in the container, the Real Techniques powder brush, and my trusty MAC luxury powder puff (my favorite). All methods work fine, but I prefer to press it into my skin with the MAC puff if I’m wearing foundation.

I think a lot of people are going to love this powder, and that it has a lot of things going for it. For me, I’m not completely in love with it yet, but I think this will be great for race days when I just want to look human before the run. 🙂 As the day goes by and the powder settles, it accentuates my pores a bit. I also don’t recommend wearing this powder with a luminous finish foundation, as it will be a bit much.

Given my creepy obsession adoration of Maybelline Dream Matte powder and it being discontinued, I had very high expectations of the Dream Wonder powder. I like it and will use it up, but it definitely isn’t HG status for me.

Good thing I secured all of those Dream Matte backups. 😉

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