Fitness Friday: Unexpected


The last week has been such a whirlwind. Last Saturday, my husband and I ran a race. I didn’t feel prepared because I’ve been doing a lot of short treadmill runs. My time was not the greatest (a little over a minute than my best), but part of the race was icy, and there were people near me falling. I didn’t want to get hurt, so I just went a little slower (my hubby thought I was waving at people when I was really trying to keep balance!).

The race was a 5K but mentally difficult. It is so frustrating to be that person who is working hard when the people around you are walking and laughing, and occasionally running. I don’t actually care about what those people do, but it makes ME feel slow. Eventually I passed those people, but my mentality definitely got the best of me that day.


When we were waiting around after the race, the times went up. Lo and behold, I placed third in my age group, which SHOCKED ME. I thought I must have been last, but I was third of seven. That moment came at the right time, because I was feeling so terrible about the race!


In other unexpected news, I’ve decided to challenge myself a little more this spring, and I mean REALLY challenge myself. I wanted to run a race on my birthday (April 13), and there is a big half-marathon, Gazelle Girl, that is that day. After talking to my biggest fan (my husband of course), and my sister-in-law, I decided to go for it and I signed up. I can run about half that now, but I need to push myself to be able to really do this. Now the important question is what should I wear?? It’s my birthday!

This is going to be hard, especially since I just started a new job this week, but I am determined now that I’ve officially made the commitment.

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