Jouer Eyeshadow in Caviar


Caviar eyeshadow from Jouer is described as “shimmering navy charcoal”. I love colors like this one, one the verge of silver and just edging out being the possibility of a taupe. It can be bold and deep or blended out into something softer, making this shade quite versatile.


The texture of this shadow is very soft and it blends easily. Because it is so pigmented and creamy, it is easy to apply too much to the brush or applicator, so I recommend working slowly or tapping any excess off from the brush before application. I wore it with a primer (as always) and it doesn’t crease and is long-wearing and fade resistant.


What I love about Caviar is that it is a shape shifter, as you can see in the two different lighting types. The shimmer has a lot of dimension to it, which is great for creating dramatic eye looks.


The photo above is of another shadow; however, this shadow has the same inter-lock system, meaning it can be joined to other shades in order to create a palette. That said, the palette will be pricey if you want something in the five shadow range, as each Jouer shadow is $20. At the same time, being an eyeshadow junkie, I don’t mind paying this kind of price over time, especially for something that is of my own choosing, good quality, and will last for a long time (just like the Urban Decay build-your-own- palettes).

Overall, I am pleased with this eyeshadow and will purchase more shades.

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