Real Techniques Folding Kabuki Brush Review


Real Techniques brushes are hugely popular, and like many other makeup peeps, I’m a pretty big fan. In my opinion, their strengths are face brushes, so when Real Techniques came out with this unique kabuki brush, I was excited to check it out.


This brush is smaller than most of the other kabuki brushes I have. This isn’t a good or a bad thing to me, but worth noting, especially if you prefer a bigger brush. Interestingly, this is folded in half and it clasps with a hidden magnet, making it a multifunctional brush.




The bristles are very soft (synthetic bristles) like other Real Techniques brushes, and they blend pretty well, but I think this brush works better when it is opened up flat. This can be used for applying a contour or for highlighting, the latter being my preference. The reason for this is because I don’t find that this blends as well as other Real Techniques brushes when the brush is closed. When I use it for blush, it doesn’t give me a smooth blend at all.

I haven’t reached for this brush as much as I thought since purchasing. If you’re looking for an affordable kabuki brush, I recommend the ELF kabuki ($6) or the Up and Up kabuki ($5) from Target.

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