Burberry Pale Barley Eyeshadow!


I can’t believe I haven’t written about this eyeshadow yet. Remember when I went to Chicago…in April? Of last year? Yeah, that’s when I bought this. I even took these photos before I used it! Since I was on a special trip with my hubby, and he encouraged me to splurge on this puppy: Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Pale Barley. This shadow has been sold out everywhere all over the world, and they had one left at the Nordstrom counter near our hotel. Lucky me!



The packaging is SO luxurious. It has a sturdy metal container with their classic design, and it comes in a little black velvet pouch. It has a magnet clasp. I adore the quilted design!



The shadow itself is beautiful as well; it has the same classic print embedded into it. Using this makes me feel fancy, and I can’t help but smile because it makes me think of a great time I had with my husband! The counter clerk said that these shadows are so smooth that they can be applied with your fingers without a problem, and he was right. Still, I prefer using a brush so I can keep the product clean.


Though expensive, the quality IS there. This is the softest, most luxurious eyeshadow I have. It is an absolute dream to blend. The color, though it appears to be nothing special, I don’t have anything quite like it. It is a beautiful blend of gold and taupe, with a subtle, sparkly sheen, making it more complex than it looks.

I LOVE this shadow! It never leaves my vanity, and I even kept the box it came with, because the font is so pretty. I would like to get another Burberry shade; possibly Rosewood or Midnight Brown. This shade is so popular that it is hard to come by, so I recommend checking counters if you have one near you.

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